Polaris Iqr 600 mod

2007 Polaris Iqr 600 mod
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Currently it has the race head on it with the twins. I do have a trail head for it also. You can take either one with it. I dont want to down play anyone elses sled but...... this sled was used for hilldragging and was very very competative. I finished first place in toggenburg climb for cure in the pro mod 600 class and then the following day I finished second in the pro mod 700 at song mountain last year. The sled is very clean. Has a brand new 1.25 rip saw track with 96 studs up the middle which worked out way better for hill dragging and trail riding. The cog shaft is a 2008 shaft which has the slipper gear built into the center. Has a grease fitting cover for the end of the cog shaft which are not there from the factory. The a- arms and spindles are now greasable with fittings which are not equipped from factory polaris. I did trail ride it a little last year and then finished out the second half of the year hilldragging it. On the trails I used the trail head and it was sick. Then I switched to the race head and it was just as fast on the hill. The motor has had alot of work done to it but it is also very very reliable. The cases have been drilled for oil passages. I dont know how familiar you are but that is very very important. With a premix sled the crank doesnt get any oil unless the cases are drilled. This motor has them drilled and the crank gets plenty of oil. The caburetors have been bored also. The sled is very very well maintaned and no short cuts were made. If you are interested please let me know! I have the current NYS registration in my hand. This is a riot on the trails. It is not an RR, it is the true race chassis with a arm yanking motor in it. I am sure I have forgotten lost of things. Ask questions if you have them. NO TRADES! thanks